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I gave my life to Jesus Christ May of 1998. I’m married to a missionary in The Potter’s House Church CFM. I’m also a techie with a heart for pioneer & missionary churches.

I started this business because  I see the need for our churches to have an online presence. Most small churches can’t afford standard web design fees nor do most pastors have the time to learn web design. That’s where I come in!

I started in web design by creating a custom website for our church The Door in Corpus Christ, TX. I completed that web site from scratch by reading tons of design books & learning HTML. I realized at that point I really enjoyed working with websites. Fast forward 15 years & many websites later, I switched to building websites by customizing WordPress & Blogger themes.

Having HTML5 & CSS knowledge, has helped me to be able to personalize & customize beautiful & functional websites at a fraction of the time & cost of other website development companies. Now I’m passing those savings on to you! Hope I can be of service to you! God Bless!


• Responsive Design – Looks great on phone or tablet
• WordPress Design – Easy to maintain
• Blogger Design – Great for blogs
• Customized for  your church – Sermons, events, etc
• Customized for your business
• RSS Newsletter – Customized with Mail Chimp
• Free training included if you don’t choose monthly updates


• Hosting – A home for your website
• Domain registration – A custom name for your site
• Shared hosting – Keeps the bill low • 99.9% uptime
• Dedicated hosting – Available upon request


• SEO – Helps people find your website
• Schema markup – Language search engines understand
• Connect site to Google Business • Connect site to Bing Business
• Unify design of social media – Have Twitter, Google+, etc look similar to your site



• Website – Keep theme & plugins updated
• Website – Check for & update dead links
• Website – Add pictures & events*
• Website- Update Slider*
• SEO – Track using Google Webmasters & adjust accordingly
• SEO – Track using Google Analytics & adjust accordingly
• Social Media – Post new website content to all your social media networks**

*Once a month only   **Content you provide unless you choose copy writing services

Don't let money stop you!

For less than the price of flyers, you can have a digital flyer online 24/7!
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Don’t send potential converts to dead religious churches just because they have a website and you don’t!

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