Design Process

Design Process

The following is a general idea of the design process.

First every website has to have a web address called the domain name. Our church web address is so pick a name & I can check to see if it is available (maybe send me a couple of options). Then you have to have a web host which is where the actual website will be stored on the web. I can take care of both the domain name & web host for $100 per year.

Next is the actual design of your website. This is what the site will look like and how your information will be organized on your website.  I can design your website for a one time fee of $100.

Let me know the following:

  • The colors you would like used or if you like a dark look or light look. For instance my husband wanted a light look with Caribbean colors (Central America) & pastor Gary wanted a dark & modern look (Japan). You should try to fit this to your city.
  • The information you want presented – address, service times, etc.
  • The sections you want on the site. Do you want a testimony section, sermon section, picture gallery section, etc.
  • Pictures of you & your wife, your family, your church & pictures of events etc.
  • Link to videos on youtube or vimeo that you want to put on your slider.

Once I finish designing the website I’ll send you the link for you to look it over. At that time I can make any changes you want. I’ll also send you a video on how to update your website or I can update it for you once a month for $20 per month. I don’t know how big your church is but this would be a great ministry. It actually was my ministry at my mother church before we got sent out. So if you want I can train you or anyone else to update it either by video or video chat. The awesome thing about WordPress is you can have multiple users with different roles (how much access they have to website). For instance you can have someone add the pictures, a different person add new events, and someone else add the sermons.

That pretty much covers the process we’ll go through to design your website. Depending on how fast you send me the information I can be done in 2-5 business days.

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